Corporate Information

WholeTree Technologies (WTT) is the leading voice-enabling technology and solutions provider in Singapore. Specializing in multi-lingual and multi-modal computing technologies (speech recognition, language processing, machine translation, voice data mining, unified messaging, etc) enabling businesses to communicate, transact, and provide customer service multi-modally and multi-nationally.

The company was founded in 2002 by an entrepreneur and internationally recognized speech and language technology expert, who also founded technology start-up AsiaWorks and also has funded and incubated a number of other ventures as a venture catalyst and NUS adjunct professor of entrepreneurship. Headquartered in Singapore, with operations in Australia and Malaysia, WTT specializes in multi-lingual and multi-modal computing technologies (speech recognition, text processing, machine translation) enabling businesses to communicate, transact, and provide customer service through multiple channels in multiple languages.

WTT’s deep expertise in language processing technology can be traced back to research that began in 1990 at the Kent Ridge Digital Lab (KRDL), Singapore's national IT research lab, as well as Apple Computer through the Apple-ISS joint venture. The fruits of these research efforts culminated in two successful commercial spin-offs: Star+Globe Technologies and AsiaWorks, predecessor companies to WTT. The world-class research was recognized through numerous awards in Singapore and internationally. The Apple-ISS Chinese dictation research received Singapore’s prestigious National Science and Technology Innovation Award. Apple Chinese Dictation Kit, the ground-breaking Chinese dictation product for the Macintosh that incorporated this technology, received the Best-of-Best Product Award in Comdex Asia. AsiaWorks’ SPK product, the first multi-modal speech, pen, and keyboard input solution for Chinese computing, received the Product Innovation Award from the Hong Kong government.

The WTT team has over 50 years of experience in the speech and language industry. Founder and Managing Director has over 25 years of broad and pioneering experiences having founded two technology companies in this industry, and served previously as Distinguished Technologist at Apple Computer in the Silicon Valley directing the company’s effort in this area, and as the CTO and VP of R&D for Lernout & Hauspie Asia.


 Major Projects

Digital Voice Assistant

A voice-enabled digital assistant that is capable of allowing the user to enquire information related to the Fusionopolis, and to retrieve staff appointment details. The mode of communication is through a far-talk microphone and telephone line. This development project is a collaborative effort with the Institute for Infocomm Research.

Voice-enabling Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TEC Innovator’s Award)

A human-centric multilingual voice-driven user interface (VUI) system as the primary user interface for various internal and external processes of an acute care hospital, namely, Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH). Our VUI system provides an enabling platform for new and innovative use of VUI technology in healthcare: to streamline patient-care process, enhance staff productivity, and automate call-center functions.  Engaged the Institute for Infocomm Research as a technology partner.

Intelligent Voice Data Mining (iVDM)

An integrated speech workbench application, comprising of Speech Transcription Tool for text transcription and annotation on recorded speech, and the Speech Mining Tool deploying Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition (LVCSR) for spoken document search and retrieval.  iVDM is a collaborative effort between Institute for Infocomm Research and WholeTree Technologies.

Intelligent Voice Biometrics

Speaker Identification, Speaker Verification, Speaker Profiling, Voice Biometrics