Partnering with Wholetree  Partners & Clients

The markets and applications for voice-enabled automation are varied and numerous, limited only by the imagination, and the business model:

  • Enterprise: automated voice attendants, directory services, corporate voice portals, call centers, help-desks, sales force automation, and other verticals.

  • Personal Communication Assistant: voice dialing, unified messaging, voicemail mining, call handling, group conferencing, calendaring and to-do-list.

  • Information Services: news, stock quotes, weather, yellow pages, and driving directions.

  • E-commerce: ticketing, reservations, banking, auctions, and travel planning.

  • Government: tourism promotion and information services, v-enabling the government institutions.

  • Healthcare: automated appointment booking, emergency assistant, information kiosk.

Value Proposition:

  • Augmented call-handling capacity

  • Automated 24 X 7 service availability

  • Lowered dropped call rate or mishandled calls

  • Better matching of organization skill sets with caller issues

  • Scalability

  • Improved staff productivity & operational efficiency

  • Enhanced customer care and service quality

We are actively seeking marketing and business partners for the following industry verticals: Financial Services, Healthcare, Public Services, and Hospitality.  We also seek telecom operators and service providers who can help bring the various voice-enabled applications and services to the mass-market consumers.

As a premier provider of voice and language technology solutions, WholeTree Technologies and its technology partners will continue to invest in the technology and the application platform.  More importantly, we are committed to working with you to make it work for your industry, and for your application environments. 

We’ve identified a five-step approach to this partnership:

  • Identify (with client) promising application domain(s) for voice enablement

  • Develop prototype application for test-bedding and advance VUI knowledge

  • Collaboratively improve VUI application robustness and usability

  • Full-scale VUI development and deployment

  • Maintenance and continuous refinement, with client provide market and user feedback to sustain virtuous circle of learning, doing and improving on the entire VUI value-adding process