Solutions & Services  Major Projects

There is a major trend for enterprises and institutions to use IT to improve productivity and reduce cost.  Similarly, global competition and deregulations will force companies to be more innovative and creative in their services offerings. VUI is an enabler for such new services.

One very exciting development is in the worldwide wireless evolution, with Asia leading the way.  This presents significant and major opportunities for VUI.  With intelligent always-connected (and voice-capable) infrastructure and mobile devices becoming a reality, applications that combine voice and data in an integrated and seamless user interface will be pervasive, opening up possibilities for all kinds of new and innovative services driven by VUI.

The markets and applications for voice user interface are numerous, limited only by imagination, and the business model:

  • Enterprise: automated voice attendants, directory services, corporate voice portals, call centers, help-desks, sales force automation, and other verticals.

  • Personal Communication Assistant: voice dialing, unified messaging, voicemail mining, call handling, group conferencing, calendaring and to-do-list.

  • Information Services: news, stock quotes, weather, yellow pages, and driving directions.

  • E-commerce: ticketing, reservations, banking, auctions, and travel planning.

  • Digital Appliances: commanding and controlling in pervasive computing environments.

  • Government: tourism promotion and information services, v-enabling the government institutions.

  • Healthcare: automated appointment booking, emergency assistant, information kiosk.

Value Proposition:

  • Augmented call-handling capacity

  • Automated 24 X 7 service availability

  • Lowered dropped call rate or mishandled calls

  • Better matching of organization skill sets with caller issues

  • Scalability

  • Improved staff productivity & operational efficiency

  • Enhanced customer care and service quality

Digital Voice Assistant

A voice-enabled digital assistant that is capable of allowing the user to enquire information related to the Fusionopolis, and to retrieve staff appointment details. The mode of communication is through a far-talk microphone and telephone line. This development project is a collaborative effort with the Institute for Infocomm Research.

Voice-enabling Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TEC Innovator’s Award)

A human-centric multilingual voice-driven user interface (VUI) system as the primary user interface for various internal and external processes of an acute care hospital, namely, Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH). Our VUI system provides an enabling platform for new and innovative use of VUI technology in healthcare: to streamline patient-care process, enhance staff productivity, and automate call-center functions.  Engaged the Institute for Infocomm Research as a technology partner.

Intelligent Voice Data Mining (IVDM)

An integrated speech workbench application, comprising of Speech Transcription Tool for text transcription and annotation on recorded speech, and the Speech Mining Tool deploying Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition (LVCSR) for spoken document search and retrieval.  IVDM is a collaborative effort between Institute for Infocomm Research and WholeTree Technologies.

Intelligent Voice Biometrics

Speaker Identification, Speaker Verification, Speaker Profiling, Voice Biometrics